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See How benchmarkindex® Can Measure Impact...


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Impact Assessment

benchmarkindex® provides real time impact assessment for your supply chain, sector, cluster or geographical SME support programmes.


If you want to measure impact, you have to first baseline current performance. benchmarkindex® will allow you to take a snapshot of performance, before any support is given.

Delivering impact

The benchmark allows an adviser to work with a business to determine those strategies and projects that will have the most significant impact on performance.

Measuring impact

Benchmarking is not a one-off exercise. When the process is repeated, it not only shows impact or distance moved, but sets out future strategies.

Control data

Within the database, we can compare the performance of companies within your support programme with a peer group of businesses external to the support, allowing the impact of your programme to be objectively measured.

Real-time data

At any point, the database can be analysed to look at the performance of supported businesses (in aggregate) and comparisons made between intervention types (grants versus consulting support for example) to improve programme management and decision making.