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Benchmarking remains the number 1 management tool to improve business performance.
Since 1996 benchmarkindex® has brought performance benchmarking to Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) around the world and is continually shown to increase turnover, grow profits and improve productivity.

Whether you are looking for large-scale economic improvement at a national level; looking to lift the performance of a sector or supply chain; or want to use our powerful benchmarking suite with your clients, benchmarkindex® will deliver substantial performance improvement and client satisfaction.



More than 25,000 businesses have used the service and there are over 100,000 records in total providing unparalleled data for objective comparisons.



benchmarkindex® is a methodology; a way of working with businesses that improves client satisfaction and business performance. Comprehensive training is included.



Looking at all aspects of business performance – not just financial - the service leads to improvement in processes, customers service and people management.



Comprehensive and objective reporting to show areas of relative strengths and weaknesses, and providing the basis of strategic as well as operational improvement.



Demonstrable performance improvement at a business level; leading to real economic improvement when used in supply chain, sector or geographical economic improvement initiatives.


Branding control

Software, training materials and supporting materials can be fully branded to suit your needs. This is an international service delivered locally.



Compare performance of companies or entire sectors with the rest of the World.



The measurement framework can be tailored to suit any industry or sector.

"Average increase in profits of £70,000 for businesses taking part in the UK."
DTI 2005

"I was gob smacked, very impressed. I was absolutely amazed by the benchmarking process. It was easy to do, comprehensive and we were overwhelmed by the results. There is no downside, unless you can’t take criticism."
Emma MacDonald, The Bay Tree Food Company

"We were looking to address specific issues around marketing and profitability. The benchmarking was superb. The outputs were very good and identified the areas we had to address. The board tracks and reviews the targets on a monthly basis and we plan to use the diagnosis as a regular part of our internal processes."
Terry Anderson, ECS Engineering