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Benchmark Index

How Advisers Can Use Benchmarking To Create An Income Stream

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Becoming a benchmarkindex® Adviser

Comprehensive one-day interactive Benchmarkindex training available

Next session scheduled for Tuesday 28th November 2017
The training will take place at our office in central Birmingham. The cost is just £500 + VAT and includes:

  • First 4 benchmark credits included providing they are delivered within 6 months of the training (value £600 + vat at pay as you go rates)
  • Ongoing helpline support
  • Full set of course materials
  • Licence to use BenchmarkIndex®
  • Growing portfolio of consulting tools and services
  • Potential to work with Winning Moves as an associate on projects and one off assignments

If you are interested in booking please call the Winning Moves Team on 0121 285 3800 or email:

Whether you’re a business consultant or accountant, whether you’re a sole trader or work for a large organisation, benchmarkindex® can offer significant benefits.

Increased revenue

Benchmarking remains the World’s most admired and most used management tool and benchmarkindex® is proven to have significant impact on business performance. As part of your portfolio of services, it will help you win new work and provide new and valuable services to your existing client base; providing enhanced revenue opportunities.

Improved skills

Where consultancy services are delivered as a structured process, clients have a higher degree of confidence in the support being delivered and are ultimately more satisfied with the results. Our comprehensive training puts benchmarking at the centre of a consulting approach that will result in a better experience for both the adviser and client.

Higher client satisfaction

Benchmarking provides objective performance comparisons that remove the sensitivity involved with highlighting poor performance. Equally, the structured report and subsequent cause-and-effect analysis result in robust improvement strategies that are directly targeted at business needs. The combination leads to, in many cases, substantial improvements in client satisfaction.

Part of community

You will be part of a worldwide network of more than 5,000 trained advisers. Using social media software, such as Linked-in, you can get in touch with these advisers to share best practice; develop collaborative opportunities; and access skills that you may not have in your own organisation.

Delivering work for Winning Moves

Winning Moves delivers the benchmarkindex® service in England. Winning Moves will use the network of benchmarkindex® advisers to help deliver other consulting services throughout the country and can provide leads to benchmarking practitioners.


Only £500.00 for the training. The retail price for adviser supported benchmarks provided to UK businesses in the UK is £950, with the adviser receiving £600 for facilitating the service. Prices exclude VAT and use of the system and software is subject to licence.