Winning Moves Website Launch

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Big day at Winning Moves today our brand new, user friendly, find out all about us website is launched.

Have a look and let us know what you think; good or bad but break the bad to us gently as we are very pleased with the result of all the hard work and effort the team have put in over recent weeks (is it only weeks, it seems a lot longer!).

Speaking of the team - check out the photos that we have been persuaded to drag from a place that many of us would have preferred they had remained. Looking forward to your feedback.

Tina Boden

In today’s economic climate, doing what you’ve always done could kill your business........

by Paula Farrington Email


An article by Zoe Wallis  a consultant at Winning Moves ltd

We work with hundreds sometimes thousands of businesses each year; helping them innovate and grow by using a range of consulting, mentoring and training techniques.  This provides the enterprise and leadership capabilities in order for company owners to fundamentally change their business.  It's no exaggeration to say that the last couple of years have seen almost seismic changes in what it takes to run and manage a business.  Where we were once talking about product development, process innovation or management development, this has been replaced in many cases with an urgent need to completely transform a business.  This isn't about improving the ways things are run; this is about ensuring a business not only remains viable, but has the capability and capacity to grow.


Think of this in evolutionary terms: Darwin's 'survival of the fittest' theory shows us that those organisms that are most able to adapt to their environment not only survive, but thrive.  This concept applies equally to businesses.  Those businesses that can reinvent themselves, that can change and transform themselves to their new environment will thrive.  There are very few businesses that haven't seen their environment change over the last couple of years and, by my reckoning at least, there are few that don't need, therefore, to fundamentally reexamine what they are doing.


This isn't about tinkering round the edges.  This is about making thorough and lasting change so that the business is forever fundamentally different from how it was before.  This is the equivalent of the Vikings burning their boats; it is about letting go of old ideas and approaches and recognizing that success depends on what we do in the future, not what we have done in the past.  And this is where true transformation starts, by having a very clear and exciting vision about where we want to be - what our future looks like.  Vision should drive everything. In the Words of Louis Carroll, if you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.


Vision should then drive everything: the goals that a business sets, the strategies that it employs, right down to the day-to-day activities on the ground.  If anything is being done that doesn't contribute to the achievement of this vision, then it should be stopped.


Winning Moves is a leading provider of business support services to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.  Quite often our work can be funded through various European, National or Regional initiatives which mean we can deliver our services free of charge to many chamber members. So if you would like to find out more about how we can help you, or your clients why not give us a call on 01785 827600 or email



Economic crisis, shrinking markets and lending constraints.................

by Paula Farrington Email



During our Consulting Services Team Meeting we discuss issues and trends that are facing our clients.

Today's meeting focused on how the economic crisis, shrinking markets and lending constraints are affecting SME's.  A consistent theme is that for many of our clients this has been a time of soul searching, asking themselves the question, 'do we want to continue, do we still have the energy?' Our experience suggests that most feel that their energy has dissipated and that through the 'good years' many businesses have failed to break through the glass ceiling and grow their businesses to the next level. Often the lack of energy and direction is borne from several factors; business owners have lost sight of where they are going, and the vision that ignited their entrepreneurial flair to start a business in the first place.

The sharing of experience has highlighted that in many cases the owner manager has become a limiting factor, they are the glass ceiling and to make the break and navigate their business from decline and onto the growth curve they must make the shift from 'working in' to 'working on' the business. Another trend found across many businesses, there is a failure to differentiate from the rest of the pack, again this is a limiting factor that has inhibited growth in the past but in a struggling economy standing out from the crowd is critical.

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