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What are the characteristics of High Growth businesses? #HGPoll

by Colin Bell Email

A few weeks ago I embarked on a CrowdSourcing experiment asking what the characteristics of High Growth businesses are. Although most acknowledge that there is no set formula (and I think they are right), please find a summary of the responses below: G… more »

It’s all about hands and legs

by Colin Bell Email

Perhaps it's an over simplistic view but when starting a business there are two vital ingredients: 1.     You need a good idea - one that has legs, 2.     in good hands One doesn't work without the other. We therefore need to work on both the peopl… more »

Lets Make 2012 the year of West Midlands Innovation

by Colin Bell Email

Business Model Innovation is concerned with the reinvention of a business, to deliver a superior value proposition through a business model that captures value at each stage of the customer journey. It focuses on capturing value in the short term and creating value over the long term. more »

Defining your Value Proposition

by Zoe Wallis Email

  Why do customers buy from you? If you can’t answer that question, you don’t know what your business is all about.  Why people buy from your business, over and above any other is what makes you unique.  If you can’t articulate what makes you differe… more »

starting and running a small business

by Adrian Davies Email

  I have been asked several times by friends and friends of friends what advice I can give about starting and running a business.  This is typical of my response ... 1. know where you’re going Vision is an often misunderstood concept, so put aside… more »

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