What are the characteristics of High Growth businesses? #HGPoll

by Colin Bell Email

A few weeks ago I embarked on a CrowdSourcing experiment asking what the characteristics of High Growth businesses are. Although most acknowledge that there is no set formula (and I think they are right), please find a summary of the responses below:

Great Leadership

>      Aspiration to grow

>      Have a clear vision

>      Have stretching growth goals

>      Clear communication

>      Are optimistic

>      Recruit and manage talent (focused on building an A team rather than a B team)

>      Has the right talent in the right roles

Ability to read the market

>      Have foresight - spot opportunities in growth sectors

>      Position themselves to catch the right wave

React to market opportunities

>      React quickly, fast paced

>      Think about the 2nd bounce of the ball - they have another great opportunity in reserve.

Culture & day to day approach

>      Proactive

>      Competitive

>      Creative

>      Innovative

>      Continually adapt

>      Measurement culture

>      Good use of technology

Research referenced: The Top Ten Percenters' Professor David Storey - download via link below:


Contributors: Bernard Goodchild, Alan Dring, Ray Portman, Neil Young, Caroline Law, Ged Mirfin, David Rowe, Heather Forrester

A BIG thanks for getting involved and if anyone has any further comments or observations then lets keep the #HGPoll going.........